Crofton Childcare Centre is open weekdays from 6:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. We are closed on federal holidays when Anne Arundel County Schools are closed.

Inclement weather policy:

If Anne Arundel County Schools CLOSE OR DELAY OPENING:
Red, Blue, Yellow Rooms and School-Age Program: Open at 7:30
Transition program: Begins at 9:30
Morning Learning Program: Begins at 10:30 (Closed if AA County Closes)

Daily Routine

Each classroom offers an age-appropriate daily schedule with a mix of active play and quiet activities. Structured activities are important for your child to feel secure, while free-play allows for creative opportunities to encourage brain development. Through activities such as block play, dramatic play, interactive games, art and manipulative games, your child is developing language skills and early math concepts.

Children experience nature daily on one of two onsite playgrounds. Not only are children developing their large muscles, but research shows many benefits of outdoor activities to the developing brain. Some research suggests that children exposed to regular outdoor play experience fewer attention deficit disorders and have greater ability to concentrate.