Our curriculum is developed in-house and incorporates the OARS curriculum from Anne Arundel County as well as the Letter People. The goal of our curriculum is to have the child think creatively and encourage curiosity. We provide structure, yet focus on learning through play. We want all children to actively participate in the learning process through seeking and discovering, testing and proving, always learning.

The mission of Crofton Children’s Centre is to stimulate the child’s natural ability to learn by providing an environment that prepares children for success in school and life.

Our philosophy is that our early childhood program fosters the continued cognitive, physical and emotional growth and development of each child.

Research has repeatedly proven that young children learn through play and their experiences, and this idea is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. At Crofton Children’s Centre, we provide a safe, enriching and stimulating environment for these experiences.

In addition, our staff members are fully trained to implement the SEFEL approach (Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning) within the classroom in order to teach children competence in identifying their emotions and working toward conflict resolution in their lives. Studies have shown that children who can successfully manage relationships are far more successful in early learning and throughout their education.